MindUnderMaster – Carolina & Lexi – Trance Therapy

MindUnderMaster – Carolina & Lexi – Trance Therapy

MindUnderMaster – Carolina & Lexi – Trance Therapy


Session 1: Carolina Sweets received very special treatment for her addiction issues from the good doctor, but there are so many more young women out there who need his help! Lexi Lore is excited that her friend Carolina was able to get her free trance therapy sessions, but she didn’t realize that Carolina would be helping the doctor. She has Lexi stare into the light as she asks her a series of questions, each one putting Lexi more and more into a deep trance. She explains to Lexi how addiction isn’t about the high, its just an oral fixation, kind of like how she likes to run her tongue over her braces. “Show the doctor Lexi,” Carolina encourages her friend. Soon she has Lexi begging for the doctor to put something in her mouth and he obliges by offering her his fingers, but Carolina hasn’t had a taste all day so the doctor offers her one of his fingers as well. The girls suck desperately licking a drooling all over his hand as Carolina continues to program her friend. Just as they’re both about to cum, the doctor stops. Session 2: Lexi is dressed sexier for the doctor and Carolina gets right down to programming her. She needs to taste the doctor again, he’s more addictive than any high. This time Carolina pulls out Lexi perky young tits so the doctor can see them while the girls make out for him, but despite their begging he denies them the ability to cum once more. Session 3: Lexi and Carolina are wearing lingerie and have on collars. They beg to taste the doctor, they beg him to ease their withdrawal. They need their fix so badly that they crawl across the floor to get it. He feeds them his cock and after they’ve been good girls, he feeds them his cum.

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