mindundermaster – Carmen Rae – Yoga Instruction FULL

mindundermaster – Carmen Rae - Yoga Instruction FULL

mindundermaster – Carmen Rae – Yoga Instruction FULL


Carmen Rae couldn’t believe her stepdad was just sitting there in the basement, right next to the TV. He knows she does yoga there at the same time every day. He makes some excuse about finishing up work, but whatever it’s not like this is the first time he’s leered at her. As she starts going into her poses the TV clicks on and a weird kaleidoscope of colors swirl in her eyes. It’s SO pretty and it’s making her own thoughts feel so soothing as she listens to the voice inside her head telling her what to do. She arches her back when it tells her too. She bows low and sticks her ass out. She’s getting so turned on. The voice wants her to say it out loud, it assures her no one can hear her. Carmen obeys, but soon she needs to cum. “Ask your Dady for a pillow” it tells her. “He’s not my daddy, he’s my stepdad”. “Stepdaddy”, the voice corrects her. “Stepdaddy” Carmen repeats before asking “Daddy, can I have a pillow?” Her stepdad hands her one and she puts it between her legs, humping it and moaning. “You’ll feel better without those shorts on” the voice tells her and she slips out of her tight little yoga shorts. “Daddy will you help me with some poses?” Carmen asks and daddy spoons up behind her on the mat. The voice tells her to grind her little ass against daddy’s cock. She LOVES feeling daddy get hard. She wants to please daddy. She asks daddy to take his cock out so she can feel it as she repeats the voice’s commands. I love my daddy. I need my daddy. I worship my daddy. My mouth is meant for daddy. My tongue is meant to lick daddy. Daddy sticks his fingers in his stepdaughter’s mouth to make her prove it and she obediently swirls her tongue around the tips as she grind faster and harder. I’ll be daddy’s little secret. I’ll pleasure daddy everyday. “Daddy will you put his cock in my little pussy?” Daddy slips inside his little girl and begins to fuck her. Thank you daddy. I love you daddy. I’ll keep this a secret daddy. I’m your good little girl daddy. I’m your little princess daddy. You own me daddy. Whenever mommy leaves you alone I’ll pleasure you daddy. I’ll make mommy leave so I can pleasure you all day long. I won’t remember any of this but I’ll be daddy’s good little girl. I’ll be daddy’s innocent little fucktoy. I’ll confess that I’m in love with daddy. I’ll seduce him. I’ll beg him to sneak into my room after mommy goes to bed. This is all MY idea. “Three. Two. One.” — Carmen awakes to the sensation of daddy pulling the sheets off of her. She’s SO excited that he snuck into her room. “Mommy can’t find out” she tells him. “You have to be very quiet” daddy tells her. “I know daddy. I’ll be a good girl.” Daddy slips off her panties. [Beautiful Agony] She moans softly while his tongue pleases her wet, innocent little pussy. It feels better than anything she could have imagined. She professes her love for him. She promises to be his good little girl. She’ll be his secret. Mommy will never know. As she builds closer and closer to a climax she bites her lips desperate not to scream out in pleasure and wake her mother. She doesn’t want her daddy to stop. She wants him to come into her room every single night. Daddy owns her completely. — Carmen stays nice and quiet as daddy pushes himself inside her [Missionary]. She whisper in his ear promising to be a good girl for him. Mommy won’t hear. “Thank you for using me daddy. You’re SO good to me daddy. I love you SO much. I love you more than mommy. I can make you happy I promise. I won’t date any more boys daddy, I’m ALL yours.” Daddy bends her little body up and sucks on her toes while he pounds her. She struggles to stay quiet so daddy puts his hands around her throat. “Yes daddy, make me be quiet” Daddy pounds her. Carmen climbs on top and rides daddy [Cowgirl] as he makes he suck on his thumb and plays with her perfect little tits. He holds firm around her tiny waist as she grinds and moans, loving every second of having her Daddy so deep inside her. When she gets too loud he quiets her and them makes her apologize for turning him on SO much, for MAKING him cheat. She can’t help herself, she just loves him so much! Daddy has carmen get on all fours, grabs her tight little ass and fucks her from behind again [Doggie]. She pushes herself back and forth while daddy grabs her hair and starts fucking her hard again. But she’s getting too loud again so he pushes her to mattress, lays on top of her and covers her mouth with his hand. She promises to stay quiet. — Daddy lays back and lets Carmen use her little mouth to get him off. She spits and drools to get his cock nice and sloppy. [ASMR wet sounds] She promises to be his good little girl. Mom will never find out. It’s their little secret. TAGS: taboo, stepdaughter, stepdad, ASMR, sex, missionary, cowgirl, doggie, mind control, petite, binaural, whispering, secret sex, yoga shorts, sports bra, daddy/daughter, submissive, Beautiful agony, female training, cheating.

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