MindUnderMaster – Bunny Colby – The Groupie

MindUnderMaster – Bunny Colby - The Groupie

MindUnderMaster – Bunny Colby – The Groupie


Rockstar Chad Alva could have picked any groupie he wanted, but he chose Bunny Colby. So when she makes him cum to quickly he realizes she needs to be put in her place. He bends her over his knee and makes her repeat “Master should be savored, his pleasure delayed until he’s ready to cum” SMACK, “Again”. He fucks her all over his penthouse apartment making her say it over and over again until he’s finally ready to reward her. — The next day he’s late for a recording session but his new slave Groupie is on her hands and knees with a collar around her neck, begging to pleasure him again. “Let’s see how long you can keep me hard tonight” he says before allowing her to suck his cock. Soon that isn’t enough and he needs to get back inside her pussy, he pounds her into submission, sticking his fingers down her throat as she thanks her master. But when he starts getting close to humming she pushes him onto his back, she knows that master’s pleasure should be delayed. “Good slave” he tells her as he sucks on her tits. “My body belongs to you master. My tits, my pussy, my ass….even my spit” she says before letting a long string of drool fall into his mouth. Something inside him wakes up with renewed energy and they fuck again. She rides him and promises him everything she has to give. As the sun sets he’s finally ready to cum and she begs for it like a good slave. And as he twitches from the ecstasy she crawls up his body and lets another string of drool fall into his mouth. He feels his cock coming back to life as she once again begins to suck him off. — Who knows how may days it’s been but Chad is now the one wearing the collar as Bunny tells him “Its feeding time” he eagerly opens his mouth as she spits onto his waiting tongue. As he lays there helpless to the pleasure she tell him everything. How she’s draining him of his life and that he’ll soon be dead. How she’ll move on to his manager after there’s nothing left of him. She taunts him as she rides faster and faster. THE END TAGS: Bunny Colby, Nadya Nabakova, Chad Alva, Sex, Doggie, Cowgirl, Reverse cowgirl, titjob, blowjob, submissive dirty talk, spanking, mantra, collar and leash, spit, drool, big tits, fake tits, begging, slave, master, succubus,.

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