Ashley Alban – Spy vs. Spy

Ashley Alban – Spy vs. Spy

Ashley Alban – Spy vs. Spy


Ashley, a CIA operative, is working in Romania. She has spent the past few months trying to obtain a very important asset (you). What she doesn’t realize is that you are a secret Russian spy. You discover her true identity first and lure her into an expected meeting to knock her uncon scious. Ashley comes to tied up in the basement of an abandoned warehouse. Dizzy, she takes stock of where she is but you walk over. Ashley is still disoriented and at first asks why you’re in the basement with her. Upon hearing the change in your accent, she quickly realizes how much danger she is in. Ashley is aggressive at first but when she sees the tools you pull out, she decides to try another tactic: her sex appeal. Ashley changes her tone immediately and asks you how you could be so cruel to her. Didn’t you feel the sexual tension for the past months as well? Ashley confesses that it has been hard for her to hold back her attraction to you. She suggests running away together. Neither of your governments really care about you anyway. Ashley sees you staring at her cleavage although you haven’t made a move yet. She spreads her legs and says that you could at least give her an orgasm, for old times sake, before proceeding with the questioning. You walk over, reposition her and put your dick in her face. Ashley looks at it in awe. She tells you how much she loves your dick and begins to suck you. She gives you a blowjob for a bit but stops and says that she could make it so much better if you just untied her hands. You refuse. You’re not stupid; you just want to get off. Ashley sighs and continues to suck you. She then starts to talk dirty, and when she begs you to fuck her, you’re so turned on that you agree. You move her and tie her to a staircase so that she’s standing up. You strip her clothes off of her as well. Ashley begs for your dick again, so you slide it in. You fuck her from behind, looking down at times to see her ass bounce on your dick. You also fuck her with her facing you so you can watch her big tits bounce. You cum inside her, thinking that it’s too bad you really can’t run away with her. Ashley smiles and asks for a kiss, but when you lean in, she headbutts you, knocking you out.

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