Ashley Alban – Smell Me

Ashley Alban – Smell Me

Ashley Alban – Smell Me


Ash has been anticipating having some fun with you tonight. She loves to tease you, especially when you smell her pussy and asshole. And, since you have been such a good boy lately, she will even let you lick her clean! Ash knows how much you love smelling a sexy woman’s scent-the stronger, the better. So in order to give you the best experience, she worked out earlier and hasn’t showered or changed her panties yet. She even held off on shaving because she feels like a little stubble helps hold in that sweet scent. Ash begins to tease you and slowly strips down. She shakes her ass, spreading her cheeks and tells you to bury your face in there. Then she has you smell her hairy armpits as she pulls out her perky breasts. After taking off her romper, she pulls her panties up, giving herself a wedgie. You admire her cameltoe, and she says that this will make her panties fully saturated with her scent. She slides her panties off finally, and you can’t believe how creamy they are! Ash says that she got a little excited thinking about seeing you while she was working out. She smells her panties herself first, and moans about how amazing they smell. She then gives you the panties so you can smell and taste them yourself. Ash then presents you with her pussy and tells you to take a whiff. You love those pheromones, don’t you? Ash bends over and spreads her cheeks so you can lick both her pussy and asshole clean. She knows you love her taste and smell, so she lets you enjoy being buried in there until you cum.

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