sloansmoans – the unexpected cucking

sloansmoans – the unexpected cucking

sloansmoans – the unexpected cucking


CUSTOM FOR BRIAN: Part 1: In bed with me, your loving gf having pillow talk. I’m the innocent type. You joke with me how I’m not adventurous in bed, and I admit I’m shy. You ask about me kinkiest fantasy and I reluctantly tell you I’ve fantasized about a threesome, but wouldn’t ever do it in real life. You get excited about the idea of being with two girls, then I clarify: two guys. This thought never crossed your mind, and you get turned on thinking about your innocent gf being fucked by another guy. I can tell it turns you on and we start making out. You try to get me to go down on you, but I remind you it’s something I don’t do, I’m not into that. We start having sex, it is enjoyable but very vanilla, typical for us. I start dirty talking about the fantasy, role playing it, seeing how turned on you get, you cum right away before I orgasm. I say it’s ok and that I enjoyed it. We talk more about the fantasy, and I emphasize that I’d never really do it. You come up with an idea that will allow us to play out the fantasy without actually following through. We’ll get a hotel room, invite a friend out for libations at the hotel bar. I’ll flirt with him and make him think he’s getting a threesome so he comes back to the room with us. We’ll get him really tipsy until he goes to bed, and then have sex on the bed next to him. We’ll laugh at him, that the only action he’ll get is his hand. I love the idea and agree. Part 2: I’m getting dressed, wearing something revealing and extra high heels, talking about the night, talking smack that I’m gonna get him worked up and turned on but he won’t get any, he’ll have to dream about it. I put on extra lip gloss, talking about how he’ll wish he’ll get these sexy lips on him, but they are only for you. I tell you this might be the night I’ll finally go down on you if you’re good, teasing you. Part 3: Everything goes according to plan. Friend is resting on the bed. We get it started, the excitement of him next to us turns us on. So much that you come quickly, before I orgasm, leaving me unsatisfied. I say it’s ok (like usual), but in reality I’m sexually frustrated. You go to bed. Still horny, and laying between both of you, I start masturbating fantasizing about the threesome. I am soaking wet, quietly moaning, trying not to wake either of you up. The friend wakes up and I cover up and apologize. I confess our motives and begin to feel bad. But oddly this turns him on and he takes passes at me. I try to resist but I get so turned on that I can’t. He has a much bigger and better cock than my own bf. I try to resist initially but get so turned on I can’t. I love his cock so much that I go down on him, it’s much more passionate sex with him, I comment on how he owns my pussy, it’s his now… enjoy me, xo *** ALL 3 parts included in this vid***

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