Rori Rose – Matched my Redhead Teen Niece on Tinder COMPLETE SERIES

Rori Rose – Matched my Redhead Teen Niece on Tinder COMPLETE SERIES

Rori Rose – Matched my Redhead Teen Niece on Tinder COMPLETE SERIES


Starring Tiny Readheaded 18 year old Rori Rose – Before I get into character and tell the story for this video, let me say this; Rori is just an 18 year old girl from the neighborhood. Just a girl. She’s a little dorky, a little awkward, but HOLY HECK this girl loves to fuck. She is one of my very favorite girls to film with. The enthusiasm and tirelessness of this girl. This is her second shoot with me and I can’t wait to fuck her again. Big props to this girl for being so fun in bed. I need to find a hundred other girls like her. Anway. MY DAUGHTER and I took a trip without her mother to visit New York. Sharing a room with her was probably bad for my marriage. You’re not supposed to eat your daughter’s pussy, let her stroke your cock in the shower, fuck her in the hot tub, cum all over her pretty little slut face, and creampie her tiny 18 year old pussy. This was the best trip ever, though. Check it out.

Starring 18 year old Rori Rose in her very first video — THIS IS MY ACTUAL NIECE

Part 1 – My little niece Rori just graduated, and it’s her first summer as a legal adult. She comes over every weekend to go swimming — she loves our pool. This week, I’ve been pretty stoked to see her, because she swiped me right on Tinder. I know that she did it deliberately, because I swiped her right on purpose too. When I confronted her with it, she was apprehensive to admit, and seemed a little embarrassed, but she finally fessed up that I’m the cute uncle, and she knew exactly what she was doing when she swiped me right. It’s a little weird, but for an older guy like me, it feels pretty good to have a little honey like her think I’m cute. Anyway, I let her off the hook and grabbed her a towel so she could go swimming, but not before she gave me a little tease

Part 2 – My little niece Rori came over again unexpectedly. I was pretty stoked to have her back, cuz she admitted to swiping me right on Tinder the last time I saw her, and since I saw her cute little naked body when she gave me a striptease, I can’t stop thinking about it. She showed up all upset because her parents keep interfering with her social life. She was pretty anxious so I told her Uncle Don was an expert on helping girls relax. I said “Rori, if you could flip a switch and feel better, would you? Would you let Uncle Don help you relax?” She answered yes and about 30 seconds later I had her cute little pussy and ass in my mouth. She LOVED it. From her reaction, I’m pretty sure she’s never had a guy eat her out like I did. Fantastic

Part 3 – Rori stopped by again when her aunt wasn’t around. I’m starting to think she does that on purpose. She sat on my bed with me and told me how much she loved the last time we hung out and I ate her tight little pussy. She wanted to return the favor so she took off her little dress and panties, showed me her perfect little pussy and ass, and stroked my cock. She’s such a sweet little niece. I sure do love my family

Part 4 – My little niece Rori came over again. I thought she wanted to use the pool, but she came out in lingerie, not a bikini. She sat down next to me and thanked me for the $100 I Venmo’d her. She said she wanted to do something special for me. I was thinking another handjob, but when she put her hair up I knew it was game on. I’m amazed that an 18 year old could give such a sloppy, kickass blowjob. She gagged and let me face-fuck her like a little champ. I’m a proud uncle

Part 5 – My little niece Rori stopped by again and wanted to spend the night. I was banking on her sucking my cock again, but when she came into my room late at night in her undies and started telling me she was a virgin, I knew it was game on. It’s gotta be weird losing your virginity to your uncle, but whatever, I wasn’t about to turn this opportunity down. I twisted this little girl up every which way and fucked her silly. Her enthusiasm was palpable. This girl fucking loved every second of it and I can’t believe she didn’t tap out. She’s got a slut in her and I let it out. She begged me for cum and the look in her eyes when I put it all over her face. Beautiful.

Bonus footage included! My little niece Rori swiped me right on Tinder and, come to find out, she’s a bona-fide, enthusiastic little submissive slut. I didn’t know an 18 year old could fuck like this. (It’s gross to fuck your actual niece and I’m kinda fucked up about it, but I like making porn for you guys so I’ll shoulder the burden of weirdness, god forgive me).

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