Lena Paul – Florida Rendezvous

Lena Paul – Florida Rendezvous

Lena Paul – Florida Rendezvous


Johnny Sins decided to fly out to Florida for a little rendezvous with the stunning Lena Paul, when he arrives he finds her soaking up the sun on a beautiful day. She’s wearing a thong backed pair of panties and her booty is popping. They kiss their hellos and then take things to the bedroom. There’s no awkward conversation, no getting to know each other, these two both want to feel good and worship each others bodies. He helps her out of her bra and no matter how many times you see her big tits they still surprise you. But Lena’s tits aren’t the only impressively large body part in the room, Johnny’s got a big cock, and Lena loves a nice big dick. She gets it free of his pants and starts sucking. She works his cock and then she lays back, Johnny eats her pussy, really taking his time to please her. He knows this isn’t a scene that needs to be a certain length, they’re really just having a good time together and the cameras happen to be there. After her pussy is really wet, and she’s dying for it, he lays behind her and they kiss as he slips inside. He goes slow getting her pussy used to that big dick, then he changes his position getting a bit more leverage and picking up the pace. She looks at him liking to see enjoyment on the face of her lovers. Then she takes a turn on top, she rides him, she likes sex so much, you can tell as she gets lost in the passion. They change positions again and he fucks her from behind, looking at how good her ass looks with his cock slamming in and out of her pussy he grabs a camera giving you a up close look. He looks passionately at Lena, their foreheads touching as he trusts his cock in and out of her tight hungry little pussy. Every once in a while he grabs the hand held camera and gets close up footage of the hot action. He lets his body drop on top of her, his muscular body covering her. She grabs at his body loving having such an impressive man to hold on to. Moving into prone bone he pins her to the bed fucking her hard. When he grabs the camera you can see a close up look at how stretched her pussy is to fit his big penis. Lena really can’t get enough of Johnny’s dick, he grabs her by the hips and slams that big cock into her pussy. She moans her approval as he fucks her. Once again he likes the view in front of him, grabbing the camera he films a close up look. Her ass is looking amazing and when you follow that crack her pussy is spread wide to accommodate his dick. She flips over and he makes a meal of her, eating her pussy like a starving man. Then in missionary he drops down on top of her really finding his stride and cums in her pussy filling it up with his hot, sticky load. They kiss and it gets him all excited again, so he fucks her some more and cums a second time in her pussy. It’s pretty epic.

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