Katy_Ann_XO – COVID-19 Bimbo Nurse

Katy_Ann_XO – COVID-19 Bimbo Nurse

Katy_Ann_XO – COVID-19 Bimbo Nurse


Brand new clip! Today I play a registered nurse who also happens to be a super bimbo! I talk a little bit about some of the precautions you can take during the COVID-19 pandemic. The most affective way to combat spread and transmission of the virus is to stay home. I feel the general thought of UGH! Staying home! So I bought a realistic male love doll to fuck since I can’t be going around slutting it up all over the place! I was hoping my love doll might be real since I’m a silly bimbo and even use my stethoscope to check for a heart beat! No such luck! So I give an alternative form of CPR taught at bimbo nursing academy…. a blowjob! That didn’t work but have no fear! I still titty fuck, blow, and ride my love doll all while my tits are bouncing out of control!

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