My Little Brother Fucked My Ass! 2 facial cum shots, implied anal sex Oh my God! I’ve crashed Dads car! I’ll tell my little brother, maybe he can help me come up with an idea. My little brother is willing to take the blame, with a condition of course, he wants me to let him fuck my ass! My little brother is such a horny little fuck, he would suggest that, I always see him perving on me! Well, Dad would ground me for life, I don’t have much choice do I?! Maybe I can make him blow from a blowjob and save my ass from my brothers cock, nope, he’s blown all over my face and he’s still rock hard, I guess I’m going to have to let my brother pound my ass while his cum is still dripping off my face! This was a custom order but no names are used, see description for further info. Jessie, I want you to do an anal brother/sister family scene for me – it looks like you don’t actually do anal IRL but I want you to fake it for me – just keep it POV on your face if you like. I want to hear your ‘anal voice’ – you’re such a brilliant actress that I want to hear that crack in your voice – when a woman takes a massive cock into her arsehole and her voice breaks – check out Jeanna Fine’s work in the 1990’s when she had short black hair. That’s what I’m paying for, Jessie. You’re a 20-something normal girl living at home with your parents and teenage brother. The scene starts with you coming to your bro in a total panic – you’ve wrecked dad’s car in a parking accident – you borrowed it without permission and he’s going to go crazy! What are you going to do? Your brother has an idea – he’ll take the blame for the accident but he’ll need a really big favour in return. He’s always wanted to fuck you up the arse and come in your face. You’re initially outraged by this but you’re JLP living in this family porn universe so it’s going to happen. Let’s not waste time. You have a typical relationship with your younger brother – you love constantly cock-teasing him – walking around the house in your undies, taking showers with the bathroom door open etc – all the pleasures of being a hot big sister with a rabidly horny teenage brother. Look, okay, you’ll suck your brother’s cock. Give your younger brother a sloppy blowjob – get really aggressive with it – throat your bro – maybe if you make him come like this it’ll diffuse the situation and he won’t fuck your arse. It doesn’t work. Your bro has been planning on raging your arse for as long as he can remember – you’re going to get ass fucked by your little brother. Jessie, I want an absolute avalanche of brother/sister filth to come out of your mouth as your bro fucks you up the ass. Your brother is fucking you anally and taking regular breaks to feed you his massive cock that is covered in your sh1t-juice. Taste your own ass-juice on your brother’s dick. Suck his cock and lick his balls and talk about your sh1t-juice. I specifically want you to use the term ‘sh1t-juice’. You’ve never tasted your own sh1t before but here it is and you love it! You know he’s going to tell his friends that he ass-fucked his big sister and came on her face – and she fucking loved it! They’re going to think he’s such a stud – they’re all horny little bastards that want to bang their own female siblings and this is the inspiration they need – maybe there’ll be an epidemic of brother and sister sex in the neighbourhood! Go mental with brother/sister facial chat. Your bro is going to splatter your face with brother semen and you fucking want it. Your younger brother paints your face white with his cum – totally marking his territory. You’ve been absolutely defiled by your little brother and enjoyed every second of it! He takes photos on his phone and you are cool with that. How about you take several cumshots from your brother over the course of events? He dumps a load in your face and then you go back to sucking and fucking for the next round. He’s so horny for you that his dick just won’t go down! I loved your “Cum Addict Pornstar” vid where your makeup got increasingly messy as it went on! This clip contains: blonde, big tits, milf, sister, brother, big sister, little brother, taboo roleplay, implied anal, double cumshot, blowjob, cum on face, dildo, family talk, dirty talk.

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