JannetKat99 – Blackmailed by my brother B/G POV

JannetKat99 – Blackmailed by my brother B/G POV

JannetKat99 – Blackmailed by my brother B/G POV


I was in my room, enjoying some alone time because no one was home (or so I thought … ), I’m on my bed in my favorite lingerie, rubbing my pussy with my panties and then, with my fingers, but there’s no long till my annoying younger brother comes in .Fuck! I should’ve locked my door -.- .Our parents are very conservative and I don’t know how they’d react if they’d find out, they’d most likely get mad:/ .My brother is a little motherfucker, so he does everything to piss me off and get stuff in return.He spy on me whenever he gets the chance.he threatens to tell our mom about what I was doing, I know he wants something in return, as usual, so I offer to do anything, I’m desperate ! He takes my head and guide my mouth to his cock.Wtf, he’s just as eveil as I thought.You are lucky that I’m really afraid of mom finding out .Fine.. what can I do now.I start sucking his cock and I hope this will be over soon and everything will be fine .But after a while he tells me to stop and threaten me again , he said this is not enough to keep his mouth shut so he makes me turn around and stick his cock it in my pussy .Ugh >_< we fuck for a while and damn, he fucks really good and his big dick feels so good in my pussy actually.I really wasn’t expecting this from my annoying little brother .Wow, I really start to enjoy this.He spanks my ass and fuck me hard, making my ass clap,he rub his cock between my ass cheeks after he cums inside me.When we are done, he promise not to tell mom, but he will come for the next time.Guess I could leave my door unlocked the next time too, ._________________________________________________*dialogue is real. there's some dirty talk and hair pulling too***TAGS: Roleplay. blackmail, fantasy, taboo, i.ncest fantasy, 18& 19 years old, teen, doggystyle, spanking, dirty talking, POV, blowjob, fuck

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