Emma Choice – cousins

Emma Choice – cousins

Emma Choice – cousins


Your mom and aunt booked a vacation rental so they could spend some time with you and your cousin, Emma. Their flight gets delayed, landing you more alone time with Emma than anticipated. Upon exploring, you discover only one queen bed in the whole apartment. Emma is fine with taking the couch for the night and working it out when they arrive. You wake up to find her crawling into bed with you. She says the uncomfortable couch is her new nemesis, so she’d like to share the bed. The two of you didn’t spend much time together growing up, maybe that explains the tension building between the sheets. It’s not long before pressure mounts and the two of you give in to temptation. Grinding against each other, touching, whispering. She sucks your cock until you’re sliding it against her pussy and pushing it inside. You fuck her in multiple angles, with close-ups and wide shots. She takes you by surprise when she slows things down and both verbally and physically guides you both to an incomparable, slow, mutual orgasm. INCLUDES: taboo, role play, cousins, fantasy porn, bubbly, brunette, booty, closeups, pov, blowjob, virtual sex, blue eyes, dildo fuck, outercourse, pussy job, ass job, simulated hand job, intimate, high sound quality, dirty talk, face to face, guided orgasm, natural moans, and more! I really love this video, I hope you will too 🙂

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