barebackst – Michele James in Risky Business

barebackst – Michele James in Risky Business

barebackst – Michele James in Risky Business


Scene One: Thunder Buddies “Daddy I’m scared” Michele says walking into her parents bedroom early in the morning. “Don’t wake your mother” He replies. Always the daddies girl, snuggling into bed with him is nothing new. But she’s an adult now and as she curls next to her father a feeling runs through her body. She takes the risk, reaches down and grabs his morning wood “Daddy what’s that” She whispers in his ear. He brushes her off and tries to get back out. To horny to stop she takes his hand and makes him cup her big tits. Half tired he thinks it’s his wife until he opens his eyes. Not thinking clearly he loses himself and sucks on her sensitive nipples. Michele’s mouth opens wide with shock and pleasure as her daddy silently licks her soaking wet pussy. She looks over to her mom hoping she doesn’t wake as her daddy makes her cum. Content she softly grinds her ass against her father and goes back out. Scene Two: Hold me daddy Michele is obsessed now. Every waking moment she’s thinking about her daddy. His arms around her, his hands grabbing her tits, his tongue making her break. The next morning she sneaks into her parents room again. “Daddy” she whispers and snuggles against him, guiding his hand to her tits again and melting at his touch. She reaches back and strokes his cock, getting him hard for her quivering pussy. She slides off her soaked panties and guides him into her from behind. Her mom on the other side of the bed stretches but stays out as her daddy fucks her. She can barely keep it together as she’s fucked, her body melting into a puddle of please fuck me harder daddy. It’s like having a never ending orgasm. Mom is so out of it she doesn’t wake when Michele pulls down her top and gently sucks on her mom’s tits. She opens her mouth and takes her daddy’s big load of love all over her face and down her throat. Blissfully she curls up against him, daddy’s little cum dumpster. Scene Three: Movie night Michele and her daddy are watching a movie together on the couch. Mom is going on a trip to her sisters and Michele can’t fucking wait for the fun to begin. Mom is barely out of the driveway when Michele reaches down and grabs her daddy’s cock. “Let’s just watch the movie” He suggests. “Mom’s not coming back for hours” She whispers and takes off her top. She loves that her daddy feels embarrassed, it makes pouncing on him all the more fun. She puts his cock in her mouth and he can’t say no to her. She spreads her legs and lets her dad taste her sweet young pussy. She can feel herself gushing with pleasure as her daddy makes her so happy. His hard dick inside of her, fucking her from every angle until she’s cumming is amazing. Her pussy tightens and she can feel him shoot his big load inside of her. Fuck she feels like she’s going to burst. With a big smile on her face she rushes off to the shower before mom comes back home. Scene Four: While Mom is At Work “No she’s leaving for work!” Daddy pleads with his daughter. Michele doesn’t care, dropping to her knees and feverishly pulling at her daddy’s pants. God she wants him so fucking bad right now. She hides under the kitchen counter with her daddy’s cock in her mouth while he says goodbye to mommy. As a reward he fucks her silly against the counter and fills her with his punishment. Scene Five: While Mom Showers The next morning mom gets up to take a shower, leaving her husband alone. Michele sneaks into the room to give daddy the wake up he deserves. “Come on real quick” She begs him. He desperately tries to tell her mom is in the bathroom but Michele only cares about her daddy’s dick in her mouth and pussy. She can make him do anything now, even give his daughter a big load on her face while mom gets ready one door away. “Bye daddy” She whispers and runs out of the room. What no one noticed is mom spying on her husband and daughter. She’s not mad, she’s fucking turned on. Scene Six: The Secret is Out The next day Michele is on her phone when mom comes into her room. Mom is dressed in her nighty making Michele a big uncomfortable. “What’s the problem mom?” Michele asks hesitantly. “I know what the two of you have been doing” Mom says stroking her daughter’s hair. Michele is speechless, a cold flood of fear taking over. Mom reaches down and grabs Michele’s big breasts. “You better make it up to your mother” She whispers and gives her daughter a kiss. A wave of naughty euphoria crashes into her fear at her mother’s soft warm lips. Mom lays her daughter down and enjoys her young fuckable body, sucking on her big tits and making her fall in love. “Don’t move” Mom tells her and brings her daddy into the room. Cory yells at her cheating husband and tells them both that she’s now in charge. She throws her husband on the bed next to his daughter. With one hand on his big cock she uses the other hand to tease her daughter’s wet pussy. Mom orders Michele to suck her daddy’s cock while she dives tongue fir.

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